Hifu Kagaku – Hada Secrets Japan

Hifu Kagaku

Nihon no Hifu Kagaku
(Japanese Skin Science)

The Japanese are known for their flawless skin and beautiful hair that seems to defy ageing. 
The secrets are hidden in traditional and punctual skin care regimes adopted by the people of Japan. Use of locally available miracle foods for dietary consumption and external cosmetic usage adds to their youthful look for both the skin and the hair.

But, fast life takes a toll on the most beautiful skin and hair, and the Japanese are no exception. This brought forward the need to develop packaged skin care products that can give same results on skin and hair.

Hada Secrets Japan, started using these traditional miracle foods and ingredients in our products, but we didn’t stop there. We kept exploring different miracle foods and ingredients from around the world and studied their benefits on various skin types.

Thus was born Hada Secrets Japan’s 'Hifu Kagaku’ way of developing products. 
Best ingredients from around the world, blended with traditional Japanese experience in skin and hair products.

We have come a long way, by using ingredients like Japanese Green Tea, Azuki Beans, Vitamin C (sourced from bergamots), local Soy and Rice bran (for synthesising proteins), and many more. We have also researched African Shea Butter, American & Australian Aloe Vera, and ultra pure fruit and plant extracts from various parts of the world.

We solemnly stand on the promise to follow the principles of gentle and soft skin care, that suits a large number of skin types, from across a wide gamut of patrons of the 'Hada Secrets Japan' brand.

Please try our products and we are sure that you will love them and benefit from our years of research on various skin types from around the world.