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Gift Cards

E-Gift Cards from Hada Secrets Japan are flexible and extremely easy to use

Its simple 3 steps

Just select an e-gift card most appropriate to the occasion and add it to the cart.

Complete the payment, and receive the e-gift card on your email. The email has a 16 digit payment code

Share the email with your loved ones. They can simply use the one-time use code at time of checkout while making a purchase from our website. Ta-Da

The BEST e-Gift Cards in the world

All the e-gift cards sold on our store are non-expiring, and multiple e-Gift cards can be redeemed towards a single Order / Invoice.

Partial redemption for e-Gift cards is also permitted on our website.

Hada Secrets Japan e-Gift Cards can be clubbed with any ongoing website promotions.

If the purchase value exceeds the value of the e-Gift Card, then the difference value can be easily paid by any of the available payment methods.

Please note

All Hada Secrets Japan e-Gift Cards are not physical products and hence not shipped physically. They are shared through email only.

You can buy the gift cards from here