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Face Wash & Skin types

A good face-wash/cleanse is crucial to facial skin maintenance.
It's equally important to understand your skin type, as oily, normal, or dry.
Most times, for even slight oiliness or slight dryness, we switch to products designed for oily or dry skin. That’s not recommended as it's not bad to have some oiliness or even slight dryness. You can keep using normal skin products for such cases unless you are sure you have too much oil secretions throughout or your skin is a sponge and always keeps dry and itchy.
Else, a normal face-wash that’s balanced with soft cleansers and also packed with moisturizers, can suit your daily face cleansing routine.
Hádá Secrets Japan has carefully balanced both sides of normal skin - oily and dry, with our face-wash range. Our newest range features coconut oil-based mild cleansers, without relying on any sulphates completely.
The entire range is packed with natural extracts (with some powerful skin benefits), aloe vera, and three essential skin Vitamins - C, E, and B3.
Additionally, all variants also have Hyaluronic acid for deep moisturizing and holding water in the skin.