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Colour in skincare products

Colour in skincare

The attractive looking color soap bar or your exotic color face cream can give your skin a hard time. Most brands brag about their product promising glowing fair skin, day-long freshness, and whatnot, what they conveniently forget to mention are the possible side effects of ingredients they use – especially COLOUR. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Let’s discuss color in skincare products. Most of the skincare products contain artificial colors. Yet there are some that claim to contain natural color – derived from fruit, vegetable, or plants, but in that case, these products surely have more preservatives to prevent any bacterial formation in the product. Artificial colors & dyes can act as the devil’s weapon and can leave your skin developing allergic reactions. The mildest of artificial colors can cause severe reactions in many sensitive skin types. Products containing artificial dyes will give you glowing skin for one day, and allergy the next. It’s a proven fact that deposition of such allergens causes acne and irritation, in many skin types. So, the next time you go to the market, make sure you are not buying a chemical allergen. “So what should I use in that case?”. At Hádá Secrets Japan, we have never used artificial colors or dyes. All our products have a natural color derived from the ingredients used to make them. We have pledged to not add artificial and dyes color to make products look attractive. We also refrain from adding high amounts of fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices, or plant juices to reduce the necessary addition of high amounts of preservatives. We instead use natural extracts (that are mostly colorless or have very faint natural color). This helps us use the least amount of preservatives, to keep products as ingredient natural as possible.