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Cleanse & Nourish


We need to cleanse our skin and keep it germ-free and moisturized at all times. But we all struggle with time, and skincare routines take a back seat. So a good skin cleanses or body wash always comes in handy.
The foremost requirement is good washing-off the excess secreted oils, dirt, sweat off our skin. Then comes the ability to clean deeply at pore level, and simultaneously moisturize the skin. Another customer expectation is deodorizing and perfume experience. Body washes packed with essential oils have mild to strong aromas and help get rid of smelly odors emanating from the body.
Good ingredients make a good product. Must check what is the cleanser base - is it sulphate based or sulphate free. Sulphate free bases are mild and gentle on the skin as they are derived from plant oils.Hada Secrets uses a coconut-derived cleanser base, which is mild and suitable for all skin types. A host of moisturizing agents like Almond oil, Carrot seed oil, Coconut oil provide the necessary hydration to the skin. Honey, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin C keep the skin texture glossy and healthy.
So, just grab your loofah and dab a generous amount of your favorite variant from a wide 15 available at our website, and cleanse yourself like a queen.
Safe for all skin types, from normal to sensitive, each variant will provide a nourishing wash. By the way, all variants come in a bottle made of 100 percent recycled plastic, that can be recycled again.