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Colour in skincare products  

The attractive looking color soap bar or your exotic color face cream can give your skin a hard time.
Most brands brag about their product promising glowing fair skin, day-long freshness, and whatnot, what they conveniently forget to mention are the possible side effects of ingredients they use – especially COLOUR. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Let’s discuss color in skincare products.
Most of the skincare products contain artificial colors.

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Cleanse & Nourish

We need to cleanse our skin and keep it germ-free and moisturized at all times. We all struggle with time, and skincare routines take a back seat. A good skin cleanses or body wash always comes in handy.
A good washing-off the excess secreted oils, dirt, sweat off our skin. Then comes the ability to clean deeply at pore level, and simultaneously moisturize the skin. Another customer expectation is deodorizing and perfume experience. Body washes packed with essential oils have mild to strong aromas and help get rid of smelly odor emanating from the body.

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Hand Care And The One Product That Does Is All

Do your hands look dry and aged?
Whether it's a result of the cold and windy weather or due to frequent hand washing, your hands experience a lot of grinds every day. Most hand wash liquids, soap bars, cleansers, and sanitizers deprive the skin of necessary oils. So does cold weather, which additionally makes the skin very dry and fragile.

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Shea Butter And What It Does To Hands

Shea butter has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for hundreds of years. It has been farmed in many African countries and is obtained from seeds of the Karite tree (Vitellaria). This magical butter is loaded with fatty acids and Vitamins, that are super beneficial for our skin. This high concentration of fatty acids and Vitamins (A, E, F) coupled with easy-to-spread consistency, makes it the product of choice for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning the skin.

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Vitamin B3, and why it beats all others in skincare

We get many calls on our helplines (and social media queries) on identifying the most important topical application Vitamin for skincare. It's a good sign to find customers getting particular about a healthy skin care regimen. While most patrons expect our answers to be 'Vitamin C', but we have a deeper take on our recommendations.

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Why you need banana pulp extracts in your facewash

All of us wish for soft, supple, and glowy skin. And all of us have read and tried using over-ripe bananas and peel masks, now and then. And we surely know they work. The problem though is, we are always out of time for such skincare regimes. Wish we get something quick and effective.

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Hibiscus extracts in a shampoo

Finding an ideal shampoo that works for your hair type', can be a challenging task. Marketing messages on some talk of 'best for hair growth', 'best for hair fall', yet some target 'hair quality'. The best solution is the right mixture of cleansing and moisturizing ingredients that pose no side effects to your scalp and hair body.

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The story of Hyaluronic acid

First things first! What is Hyaluronic Acid, and where is it found? Hyaluronic acid is a lubricating substance present inside the human body! Yeah, we discovered that in 1934 while doing some eye research. And then it was also found to be present in the skin and also connective tissues.

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Is your hand cream just Chemicals?

Hand creams have become a necessary skincare product and part of our daily skin routine, irrespective of gender, or age. Blame it on the cold-dry weather, hard water, or our daily use soaps, the skin on hands (and arms) feels quite dehydrated.

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Sodium Hyaluronate is better than Hyaluronic Acid

Sodium Hyaluronate (C14H22NNaO11) is the salt form of Hyaluronic Acid (C33H54N2O33), the most talked-about skin ingredient in the town today. While, these are related, and both known to be great hydration agents, reducing fine lines, reducing wrinkles, etc.

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Strawberries in your Face Wash

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is the classic routine to keep your facial skin supple and taut.

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Avocado in your face wash

Though Avocado has been around on our tables for a while, its benefits in skincare are being explored by brands across the world only in recent times.

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The goodness of Green Tea in your soap bar

The basic step towards a healthy lifestyle and radiant beauty is maintaining good hygiene and a proper cleansing routine for your skin.

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The two best shampoos in the world and why?

Nothing can beat the nourishment your hair gets from a proper hair care routine followed by a good shampoo for cleansing.

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Cucumber extracts in your soap

Sunlight, pollution, dust, and indoor UV light - Our skin is exposed to so many different environmental elements throughout the day.

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Rose Flower oils in your soap

You may have noticed the mention of rose oil or extracts in a variety of cosmetics products. The topical goodness of roses has been explored for years now and it is being used in different products.

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Papaya extracts in your soap

The ultimate step towards ensuring your skin remains taut and radiant is simple - keeping it clean, maintaining basic hygiene, and simple moisturization.

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The best soap bars in the world and why?

A good soap is a must-have in the vanity for everyone. No one is an exception to this practice as it is the simplest option available to maintain basic hygiene.

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