Assurance – Hada Secrets Japan


Hada Secrets Japan believes in the power of 'consumer love'.
We have always worked towards manufacturing products that are loved for their quality, consistency and performance. 
We strive for the very best in skincare for our customers, and have never believed in delivering quality that is just ‘acceptable’.

Expert global teams
Our engineers, chemical experts, cosmetologists, and natural ingredients research team work closely to develop path-breaking ultra-natural skincare products for our discerning global customers. Our teams are very careful about skin safety norms and pH parameters for our products, to avoid any harshness and any resulting irritation on the skin. Years of research goes into developing safe and ultra-natural ingredients based formulations that are suitable for all skin types. Equal time and effort goes into strict quality control processes. But these efforts bring happiness to both our customers and us. Hada Secrets Japan has earned very satisfied customers who repeatedly use our products and recommend them to their friends and family, too.

Plant-based ultra-natural ingredients sourced globally and manufactured locally
Ingredient quality and purity define all our products, and being a Japanese origin organization, we have never compromised on finding the best ingredients for skincare. We take immense pride in delivering locally-produced Japanese formulations and quality to our global customers. For that reason, we always source from the best global sources, generally at the point of origin, or use locally available fresh ingredients. We manufacture around the globe to bring products with the freshest plant-based natural ingredients. We are a truly global company and work with various local organizations to bring the best quality products to our customers. Our large global team of sourcing agents and advisors work on strict quality control norms for both the raw materials and manufacturing conditions.

No artificial colours or dyes
The physical parameters of all ingredients are chosen carefully. We never use artificial chemical colors, not even food-grade artificial colors. We always use natural extracts, which are generally colourless or have a very light shade. Artificial colors are known to cause skin irritations, and hence we have completely avoided using them.

Minimum chemicals
We believe in the power of botanicals, and constantly harness them the right way to do wonders on your skin. It's our commitment and endeavor to use high-quality natural and lab-created ingredients. We use a minimum amount of preservatives, and ones that are either natural or ‘globally approved’ for microbiological prevention purposes. We comply with ‘shelf-life norms' that are globally accepted and recommended. All our products are mild and very skin friendly and can be used by anyone over 5 years of age.

We like to share as much information as available to our customers. We have always been quality conscious and that gives us the power of honestly communicative with our customers. We have provided a detailed description of all ingredients used in our products under the Ingredients tab on the products page. We also print our product labels in easily readable size fonts to inform and assure customers of all ingredients used and product usage instructions.

Please write to us, if you have feedback on our products or service. We will be happy to serve your concern.