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Why you need banana pulp extracts in your facewash

Why you need banana pulp extracts in your facewash

All of us wish for soft, supple, and glowy skin. And all of us have read and tried using over-ripe bananas and peel masks, now and then. And we surely know they work. The problem though is, we are always out of time for such skincare regimes. Wish we get something quick and effective.

There's no dearth of banana-based skincare products in the market. But sadly, they all have color - Yellow to green!

Guess what, real banana extracts are colorless! But, we have been using such off-the-shelf products without ever thinking about such facts. So the next time you see banana-based skincare, make sure you check if it’s colorless. Even the so-called permitted food-grade colors can cause skin irritations, pore-clogging, and other adverse effects on your skin.

We at Hada Secrets Japan, love the banana extracts and have been using them in many skincare products, and our patrons love them for their effectiveness. We have never added any color to any of our products, to make them visually deceptive. We have just powered our products with the best ingredients sourced from around the world.

We recently got a request from a long-term patron and loved customer Ms. Hailey Smith from London, asking us to enumerate some key points in favor of banana extracts.

So, here goes!

Banana pulp extracts are hydrating and soothing (yes, we all know that)

Banana pulp extracts have a good moisturizing effect on the skin.

Banana extracts are rich in anti-oxidants. This simply means, they can get rid of dead cells and get the fresh ones to be more visible.

Banana pulp extract also makes a very good and gentle exfoliator.

The Alpha-hydroxy acids in banana pulp extracts, help refine the skin, reducing the appearance and visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Banana pulp extracts are loaded with Vitamin E, Magnesium, and Potassium - all great for any skin type.

Some studies have also shown that banana pulp extracts help fight acne. And some recent studies also point out that banana pulp extracts can also act as a mild sunscreen.

The Ecuador Banana Facewash is one loved product from our face wash range. We know your face needs intense care in the busy grind. Not just some remarkable effects of the banana pulp, but this product has the magical skincare ingredient - Hyaluronic acid - the hottest skin hydration agent in the research circles and leading brands.

The product also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B3 and is 100% sulfate-free.

If you have enough time at hand, do keep using over-ripe bananas on your face. And if the grind has taken the toll, just try our loved Ecuador Banana Facewash. We are sure you will love it, too!