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Vitamin B3, and why it beats all others in skincare

Vitamin B3, and why it beats all others in skincare

We get many calls on our helplines (and social media queries) on identifying the most important topical application Vitamin for skincare. It's a good sign to find customers getting particular about a healthy skin care regimen. While most patrons expect our answers to be 'Vitamin C', but we have a deeper take on our recommendations.

Although the advantages of topical application of Vitamin C are recognized and sworn by all, our pick for the most important Vitamin for skincare is Vitamin B3, commonly known as Niacinamide.

Vitamin B3 serves several topical applications, such as shielding the skin against moisture deprivation. We love, recommend, and generously use Vitamin B3 for the below reasons:

It's an epidermal cell wall repairer

If you want good, glowing, and youthful skin, the epidermal barrier of your skin must be solid. Vitamin B3 can reduce solar radiation and majorly keep moisture clinging to the skin. This results in making the skin smooth and relaxed.

Vitamin B3 is particularly helpful for skin types that easily get redness, blotchiness, and irritation from external environments. The reason is simple – increasing the quality of the epidermal membrane, increases the capacity of the skin to shield itself against foreign aggressors.

Works on skin structure

Vitamin B3 helps the skin retain and preserve moisture in the skin. It helps better the skin texture and thus decreases visible signs of aging. Daily usage of Vitamin B3-containing skincare products will help minimize aging-related skin issues and eventually take a few years off your skin.

Say goodbye to pigmentation and bumpy skin

UV light is everywhere (let us not just blame the Sun!). UV radiation is known to induce pigmentation and poor skin color on the skin. Using skincare products made using Vitamin B3 can help minimize the development and transition of pigments to the outermost layers of the skin. It makes the skin even-toned.

At Hada Secrets Japan, we continue our research on Vitamins B3 and keep finding ways to add this to as many of our topical skin formulations. One of the popular versions of Vitamin B3 is known as Niacin-amide and it's a potent ingredient for both skin brightening and hydration. It is also known to act against acne and skin redness.

Our entire face wash series and shampoo series has Niacin-amide, try them out and get great skin and a healthy scalp.