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The best soap bars in the world and why?

The best soap bars in the world and why?

A good soap is a must-have in the vanity for everyone. No one is an exception to this practice as it is the simplest option available to maintain basic hygiene. As soaps are used daily, it calls for a mild formulation that will not dry out or damage your skin in the long run. Hence, the inclination towards natural formulation is growing with time as they are very mild and have ingredients that do not cause any side effects.

Real fruit extracts which are known to have topical benefits are particularly popular as active ingredients in many soaps these days for this reason.

At Hada Secrets Japan, we have worked for years on researching and perfecting the art of Hifu Kagaku which is the traditional Japanese skincare secret where natural ingredients are blended with actives to get the maximum benefits from them. As a result of our research, we have formulated four different mild soaps that contain real natural extracts from four miracle ingredients. These products are Green tea soap, Rose Soap, Cucumber Soap, and Papaya Soap. Made from the real extracts & oils of the respective ingredients, each soap is a unique blend of four moisturizing oils and unrefined African Shea butter. All variants are free of colorants and sulphates.

Your skin tends to lose moisture and get dehydrated and dry with age depending on the exposure and the surrounding environment. A thorough cleansing routine daily is the only way to maintain the required nourishment. Each soap blended by Hada Secrets Japan is infused with plant-based cleansers that produce a rich lather but is mild enough to work for acne-prone and sensitive skin too. As there is no side effect even after daily use, all the variants of the soaps are internationally loved and deemed the best in the world.

Skin texture and requirement not just vary from one person to another but can be varied throughout your body too. You can have patchy and rough skin on your legs even when your face and upper body are oilier. This is primarily because our legs are exposed to the maximum adversities as we do all daily activities like walking or running.

Our Papaya soap specifically is mild enough to work for your entire body without stripping the oil. At the same time, the presence of Papain enzyme from the real papaya extract gives you benefits of mild exfoliation which works great on your legs and any other part with dead skin cells.

For someone with very sensitive skin that reacts to anything, there is nothing more soothing than the Cucumber extract soap, making it the best in the world for anyone with sensitive skin.

Acne-prone and scarred skin can benefit best from the soothing effect of the Green Tea extract soap while Rose extract soap is beneficial for controlling sebum secretion and minimizing blemishes.

Hada Secrets Japan created all these four soaps perfecting the Hifu Kagaku method of skincare that is traditional in Japan. They are Japanese beauty secrets in a package which makes them the best in the world.

Here's what our patron, Nadia Ahmed (42), Mumbai, has to say about our product

"I came across the Hada Secrets Japan Cucumber extract soap by chance and just bought it. I can confidently say it is a very good soap and recommend it in my group. Since my first use, I have also tried the free tea variant, and like that one too".

Now you can also get Hada Secrets Japan skincare products in India through our official website or our online distribution partners.