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The best foot cream in the world and why?

The best foot cream in the world and why?

Our physical self-care routine usually is more focused on the face and body and often the feet and the soles get forgotten and neglected.

In reality, our feet go through quite a lot of strain daily and hence calls for extra attention and care. As we walk, run and do every other mobile activity, our feet tend to develop callouses, especially when we do not take the necessary care and clean them regularly. Eventually, they crack and the results can be very painful. The best way to avoid this is to have a home-pedicure routine to follow daily (ar at least twice a week).

Keeping your feet moisturized and hydrated enough after cleaning them daily is important to prevent the sole skin from hardening.

Hada Secrets Japan Oslo Oil Blend Foot Cream with Shea Butter, Mangosteen butter & Nine Oils Blend is the best choice for ultimate moisturization of your feet.

Infused with unrefined African Shea Butter, we have made it ultra-moisturizing and consistent to 'soothe the soles' and leave your feet soft and supple. Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Carrot seed oil, Linseed oil, Rapeseed oil, Tea Tree oil, sweet Almond oil, Sunflower seed oil, and Coconut oil, are some of the other ingredients infused in this foot cream.

This superior ingredients list and our proprietary Japanese formulation make this globally loved product one of the best foot creams in the market today. We can confidently say that it will be able to soften your feet in a few days of application and also have a long-lasting effect.

This is exactly what the Oslo Oil Blend Foot cream delivers that makes it the best foot cream you will ever find.

Each ingredient plays its role in getting you the desired result. For example, we only use unrefined African Shea Butter for its rich moisturizing qualities without changing its purest form available. We don't process and add chemicals or artificial colors to make it look attractive.

Linseed oil on the other hand has high hydration. Rapeseed oil protects the skin and is infused with Vitamin E and K and rich in anti-oxidants. Tea tree oil in the foot cream imparts antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to the foot cream.

At Hada Secrets Japan, experienced skincare experts use the age-old Japanese method of 'Hifu Kagaku' to blend this product.

The secret to Japanese skincare and beauty, the 'Hifu Kagaku' concept is to use natural ingredients together with active ingredients to derive the maximum benefit out of them. The product is very mild can even be used for children above 6 years.

Our patron Harshita Agarwal (31) from Bodhgaya says "I have suffered from callouses and cracking feet for years and no amount of products could completely prevent that. As I came across the Oslo Oil blend Foot Cream and decided to give it a try, I definitely was not disappointed. It had such a rich and thick moisturizing texture that kept my feet soft enough ever since."

Hada Secrets Japan is available in India since Jan 2021, and you too can enjoy the benefits of the best foot cream in the world from the comfort of your home as you place the orders online.