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Shea Butter And What It Does To Hands

Shea Butter And What It Does To Hands

Shea butter has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for hundreds of years. It has been farmed in many African countries and is obtained from seeds of the Karite tree (Vitellaria). 

This magical butter is loaded with fatty acids and Vitamins, that are super beneficial for our skin. This high concentration of fatty acids and Vitamins (A, E, F) coupled with easy-to-spread consistency, makes it the product of choice for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning the skin. 

But unfortunately, sourcing pure unrefined Shea butter is a challenge as adulteration is easy and impossible to make out for customers. At Hada Secrets Japan, its our endeavour to source Shea butter from ethical vendors only. We use 'unrefined African Shea butter' only. One remarkable product we have perfected with Shea butter, over the years, is our Ago Bay Pearls Hand Creme. This product has a very high percentage of Shea butter. (Psst! Most manufacturers use a very low percentage, just for namesake!)

A few 'remarkables' of the Ago bay Pearls are:

Very high content of pure and unrefined Shea butter

Suitable for all skin types and all ages

The moisturizing effect of Hyaluronic acid (the industry's best moisturizer today)

Powered by 8 moisturizing oils (Yes! EIGHT)

Also has Honey & Aloe Vera

Low quantity or preservatives

What do you get?

Soft, smooth skin

Inside-out moisturization

No fungal, bacterial infections on the skin

No redness or irritation

No clogged pores and boils

Healthy nails and cuticles

Our years of research have helped us perfect 'the perfect solution' for 'perfect hands'.

Try the Hada Secrets Japan Ago Bay Pearls Hand Creme for exemplary results.