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Nothing more to skincare than these!

Nothing more to skincare than these!

Great skincare products differ from regular skincare products by just three factors

  • Formulations
  • Ingredients
  • The sincerity of customers to follow usage guidelines (common to both)

At Hada Secrets Japan, we get feedback from two sources:

  1. Controlled Volunteers under test conditions - Easy to find conclusive evidence
  2. Our existing customers - Hard to find conclusive evidence (but cannot be ignored, and must be probed further)

The process we follow is to listen to our customers with patient ears, ask them enough probing questions, then form a 'research plan'.

We have finalized our formulations after rigorous tests and yet changed them again, as 'customer feedback' never ends and is a 'journey'. Our recent India sojourn is a testament to this thought process. We have been testing and reformulating in India for two years before we finally launched our products, to cater to very wide and diverse skincare needs. It gives us extreme happiness that our range is being quickly accepted by our loved customers here, too.

And after this satisfying start, we even strongly believe 'formulations are of pristine importance'.

Similarly, 'finding the ingredients that can withstand the test of time' is also critical. Please note that formulations should show efficacy till 24 months (or sometimes even more) in their entire period of usage. Our sourcing team has worked very hard to collect the best ingredients from around the world to cater to the diverse needs in India. We have been keeping aware of the latest in ingredient research both inside through our own research and from the outside world through journals and manufacturing companies.

We have never had any qualms about trying locally available ingredients, though we wouldn't use them till we find a source of repute (quality, sourcing, storage conditions, human policies, etc)

We are 'Hádá Secrets Japan', and we stand tall, as we don't compromise on anything at all. All we have in heritage is the 'love of our customers', and we wish to preserve this for years to come.

Try our products and you will never be critical of your choice.

Our products work, and we are truly performing skincare'. Hello India!