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Ageing starts at 25

Ageing starts at 25

Scientific research has proven that 'ageing starts at 25'. A person's skin might age differently from others. But everyone ages and skin starts to age at a young age of 25. The human body produces 1% lower collagen every year from the age of 25.

Fine lines are the first to appear, followed by them turning into wrinkles and then loss of skin elasticity. First few quick skin ageing signs are visible on the forehead as fine lines, followed sometimes by wrinkle (s) between the eyebrows. Crow's feet appear next between the eyes and the hair line. Vertical lines on upper lips and eventually sagging of the skin under the chin are the final described signs of ageing of human skin.

The reasons for skin ageing are pretty simple and straight-forward, yet we chose to ignore. 'Inability of the body to make enough Hyaluronic acid' is the important reason behind the appearance of first signs of ageing - fine lines. Hyaluronic acid binds water and keeps the skin hydrated and moist. The other reason for skin ageing is 'slower cell multiplication', again dependent on our skin care routines. Finally reduction in sebum production also affects skin to look weak and aged.

Key external factors that strongly help the skin to age are exposure to sun, pollution and inappropriate skincare.

At Hada Secrets Japan, we recommend a simple skincare routine

Cleanse (twice or thrice daily, also helps in exfoliation)

Care (moisturise adequately)

Repair (look for any skin damage and apply requisite skincare product)

Protect (from sunburn, pollution, cheap skincare products with any colour, etc)

Look for the ingredients list in the product labels, and read. Find the amount of goodness added versus the amount of chemicals and preservatives. Remember not all chemical names are bad, and not everything natural is good for skin.

Choose a product before you choose a brand. Fall in love with products before you fall in love with your skincare brand.

Results on 'YOUR' skin matter and nothing else is important

Try our skincare products, and let us know if you like them. We recommend our wide range of face washes (all with Hyaluronic acid), and our fruit soap bar range with shea butter.