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The best soap bars in the world and why?

The best soap bars in the world and why? A good soap is a must-have in the vanity for everyone. No one is an exception to this practice as it is the simplest option available to maintain basic hygiene. As soaps are used daily, it calls for a mild formulation that will not dry out or damage your skin in the long run. Hence, the inclination towards natural formulation is growing with time as they are very mild and have ingredients that do not cause any side effects. Real fruit extracts which are known to have topical benefits are particularly popular as active ingredients in many soaps these days for this reason. At Hada Secrets Japan, we have worked for...

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Papaya extracts in your soap

Papaya extracts in your soap The ultimate step towards ensuring your skin remains taut and radiant is simple - keeping it clean, maintaining basic hygiene, and simple moisturization.  Washing your body with mild soap is a simple way to ensure the natural suppleness of the skin is intact. For this purpose, choosing a good soap is very important as it will be put to use daily. A natural product that does not strip your skin of any nourishment and mild enough to be used daily is the ideal choice. One such naturally hydrating item that is delicious and has topical benefits too, is papaya. For years, the miracle fruit has been used in various forms in different traditional and modern...

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Rose Flower oils in your soap

Rose Flower oils in your soap You may have noticed the mention of rose oil or extracts in a variety of cosmetics products. The topical goodness of roses has been explored for years now and it is being used in different products. The presence of real rose oil and extracts in a soap bar is however a slightly new thing as not many soaps use this ingredient for its benefits rather than for the fragrance. Most soaps available on the shelves just have rose fragrance, and provide no benefit to the skin at all. All skin types are different and hence have varying requirements. However, with a mild soap, you can easily meet these requirements for all of them. The...

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Cucumber extracts in your soap

Cucumber extracts in your soap Sunlight, pollution, dust, and indoor UV light - Our skin is exposed to so many different environmental elements throughout the day. As a result, the natural elasticity, supple and smooth texture of the skin gets lost over the years. But with a proper and thorough skincare regime, you can retain that youthfulness for a longer period. The first and basic step towards doing so is cleansing the skin daily, keeping it hydrated and moisturized enough - both topically and internally. A good cleansing soap that can be used daily is elemental in your skincare routine. This helps to get rid of all the dirt and grime from the outdoors and letting the skin breathe. Moreover,...

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The two best shampoos in the world and why?

The two best shampoos in the world and why? Nothing can beat the nourishment your hair gets from a proper hair care routine followed by a good shampoo for cleansing. We all love our luscious manes and to maintain their lustre and health, good quality products are important. You cannot especially compromise with the quality of the shampoo, conditioners, and hair serums you are using to retain the youthful bounce and volume of your hair. This is why understanding your hair texture and the basic needs specifically for your hair type is important to choose the best. Keeping the requirements for different hair textures we come across in the world, Hada Secrets Japan has formulated two mild shampoos - Jamaican...

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