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24th April 2021

Your elbows need your face wash and a pinch of salt

Dry and dusky elbows are seldom focussed on. And they keep getting drier by the passing weeks. We have a simple twice a week hack. Pick up your face wash and mix some epsom salt with it and gently massage this over your elbows. Keep on for a while and wash off to apply some good moisturiser on moist skin. See the change in a few weeks and never see the dark-dry skin again.

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Hada Secrets Japan
20th April 2021

Your hands need exfoliation too

If you have subjected your hands to some strong sunburn then don't forget to exfoliate your hands as soon as you return home. Remember that you need soft and gentle exfoliation and scrubbing, not harsh. Ideally, use your face wash (as it's gentle) mixed with some fine walnut powder (or soft / grind epsom salt). Run gently for a few minutes and wash off. Apply a good hand cream on slightly moist hands and repeat for a few days. Get your gorgeous hands back! .

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Hada Secrets Japan
14th April 2021


Get more out of your hand cream by wearing gloves after you apply it! Great hands need a great hand cream, and a good time to apply hand cream is before you go to bed. And if you want super soft glowing hands, put your cotton gloves 10 minutes after you have applied the hand cream and keep them on for at least 1 to 2 hours. Wake up to amazingly beautiful hands! .

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Hada Secrets Japan
8th April 2021

Skin needs hydration and nutrients both from inside-out and outside-in

Our diet and lifestyle can both affect how the inside-out of the skin. The inside-out skin health depends upon what we eat and drink, how we eat & drink, (how and how much), when we eat and drink. The outside-in depends on levels of sun-exposure and pollution, skincare routines, and skincare products. So, eat well, drink enough and use good quality skincare products. .

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Hada Secrets Japan
2nd April 2021

Dry Vs Dehydrated Skin

We have anything between 850 to 900 sebaceous glands on every square cm of our skin. These glands produce ‘sebum’, which is an oily substance containing oils, waxes, sugar, cholesterol, dead cells, sweat, dust, etc. Sebum protects our skin from moisture loss and keeps it hydrated under any circumstances. Dry skin conditions happens when sebum production reduces (and for oily skin conditions it increases). But we generally get confused between 'Dry Skin' and 'Dehydrated Skin’. 'Dry Skin' is a type of skin and ‘Dehydrated' is a temporary skin condition. Luckily, both conditions need to include regular and deep 'cleansing & moisturization' regime in everyday skincare. One needs to include ingredients like Shea butter, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins and moisturising oils in your skincare products. Try out the Hada Secrets Japan Fruit Facewash range (that doesn’t dry your skin) and the high moisturization soap bars. They are both excellent solutions for both dry skin type and dehydrated skin condition.

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Hada Secrets Japan
31st March 2021

Skin repair happens when you sleep

Our skin goes through lots of physical abuse everyday. Whether is the sun, UV lights in office, harsh winters, dust, or pollution, the skin takes a beating everyday. Luckily when we sleep our skin starts regenerating and repairing. And it is hence good that we follow a night time skincare regimen. Especially if you need hand care or foot care. Our hands and feet can be best repaired in the hours we go to sleep. Try using the Hada Secrets Japan Hands Creme and Foot Creme for quick skin relief and get your beautiful hands and feet back again.

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Hada Secrets Japan
29th March 2021

Dry & rough cuticles are not cute 

Cuticles can be painful if not taken care of. They can also be embarrassing for people who develop the habit of plucking and chewing them with their teeth (Yuk!). Glycerin can help immensely and quickly. Unfortunately, simple moisturisers are not good to get rid of the cuticles problems. Alternatively, a good hand cream can take care of any dry and chirping cuticles problem. The Hada Secrets Japan hand cream not only takes care of your hands, but also gets rid of any cuticles issues you might be facing. Unrefined African shea butter and a blend of 8 moisturising oils plus Glycerin does the job perfectly. Try it out. 

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Hada Secrets Japan
27th March 2021

Car driving & hand care 

Summers are here, and so are the severe sunburns our hands might experience while driving. Window shades, dark films cover for our body, but unfortunately the hands surely get exposed to the sun, while driving the car. We recommend that when you come back from driving, wash your hands using a mild exfoliator hand wash. If you don’t have one handy, just take some sugar and rub over soaps hands for a while. This will get rid of some recent sunburn. Then rinse and apply a good moisturising hand cream on damp skin. This will help get rid of any damage caused due to sun exposure while driving. Repeat twice a day. Happy hands to you! 

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Hada Secrets Japan
25th March 2021

Strong hair need Argan oil 

Argan oil is extracted from a tedious process, where the fruit (kernels) from the Argan tree is dried and then pressed for its oil. Argan oil consists of high Vitamin E content, and 80% unsaturated fatty acids. Let’s start from the problem areas of the scalp - toughest being dandruff, especially in winters. Argan oil can rapidly fight dandruff. Argan oil is a super moisturiser for both scalp and hair. It makes the hair shine and protects from UV damage. We recommend to use Argan oil sparingly and not everyday. Best is to use products that contain small amount of Argan oil. Try out our Argan oil shampoo range! 

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Hada Secrets Japan
23rd March 2021

Biotin in your shampoo

Biotin in your shampoo is a must for keratin improvement. Sound confusing? Simply put, Biotin is a Vitamin (B7) that not only helps hair growth but also helps synthesise the keratin (hair building protein) on the hair shafts. So if your shampoo has keratin but no biotin, keratin will be useless. Always pick a shampoo with both these ingredients together. Happy tresses!

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Hada Secrets Japan
21st March 2021

Between your toes 

Getting fungal infections takes a few days and getting rid of them months. Once you get infected with fungus, it can spread to your body very quickly, and our toes is where it first starts from. One must change socks every day, soap-wash between the fingers and must apply a good foot cream every day before bed. Best is to get a good foot cream and apply it all year around, and comfortably say goodbye to all issues between the toes. 

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Hada Secrets Japan
19th March 2021

Avoid Pumice stones 

While Pumice stones have been used for centuries to rub off dry or flaky skin, their adverse effects haven’t been as popularly discussed. Pumice is a kind of soft and porous stone that lasts for years in our bathrooms! Pumice stones can themselves be easily infested with bacteria that grow on our feet, due to their porous nature, and this can cause major skin breakouts and issues like fungal infections. But if you still necessarily need to use them, first disinfect them properly and only use them on wet feet and very slowly and gently, and never go close to soft skin at all.   

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Hada Secrets Japan
17th March 2021

Had an auto rickshaw ride today?  

If you have had more than your usual share of pollution, dust or excessive sunlight, then it is a good idea to double cleanse your face. Yes, you heard us right. Clean your face, twice with your favourite facewash. But make sure you don’t forget to apply a generous layer of moisturiser after you double cleanse. Moisturise on a damp face and massage well unless the skin completely absorbs. Wake up to a happy smiling face the next day!  

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Hada Secrets Japan
15th March 2021

Work on skin marks (and blemishes) in the day, and dryness at night 

Apply products to fight out pigmentation, marks and blemishes in the day. Remove them before you go to bed. Such products could be your regular make-up or blemishes reduction products. But before you go to bed, don’t forget moisturising thoroughly. Ideally, shower before you go to bed and moisturise immediately after, on pat-dry skin. Do this daily, and you will fall in love with your skin. 

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Hada Secrets Japan
14th March 2021

Face wipes are chemical laden 

We recommend that you use a soft lint free cotton cloth as a cleanser probably soaked in oil or soap solution, rather than using the more convenient wipes. Wipes have chemicals and artificial fragrance that might cause skin irritation. Wipes should be for emergency use only, never for home! 

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Hada Secrets Japan
13th March 2021

Don't burst or scratch your pimples!

It's a skin blemish that the body will itself take care of. If you burst it, you will surely spread the bacteria around, and that might turn a series of new pimples popping out. If you have to get rid of it and cant wait, warm compress a few times and let is disappear faster. Use a better face cleanser or face wash that will help you reduce appearance of pimples.

Hada Secrets Japan
12th March 2021

Skincare needs to change with weather of your town!  

Remember summer skincare is not same as winter or monsoons or autumn.
Every season calls for a fresh skincare routine.
Hada Secrets Japan products that can be used all year around
Hibiscus Shampoo
Hand Cream
Foot Cream

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Hada Secrets Japan
11th March 2021

Add Vitamin C products to get smooth skin that will glow!  

Vitamin C promotes collagen production, that reduces fine lines and prevents ageing.
It is also an anti-oxidant that prevents damage from sun (and even indoor UV) exposure.
Hada Secrets Japan products with Vitamin C
Ankara Strawberry Facewash
Arta Kiwi Facewash
Ecuador Banana Facewash
Peru Avocado Facewash
Sao Paulo Guava Facewash

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Hada Secrets Japan
10th March 2021

Moisturise on moist skin 

Shower, pat dry with soft absorbent towel (never rub) and immediately apply a moisturiser (or body lotion), for longer and effective skin hydration. Don't wait for skin to get completely dry. Applying a body lotion on slightly moist skin will hold the moisture for longer and will be more effective. Such a practice regularly will bring the much needed suppleness to dry skin.  

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Hada Secrets Japan
9th March 2021

Worked out skin needs more  

Skin on your most worked out areas needs more care. Consider your hands, feet, face etc to be in need of better skincare. We always recommend hand creams, foot creams to our patrons. Having such products in your skin care arsenal helps you remind of taking good care of the skin on these body parts. Go get some specialised skin care products. 

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Hada Secrets Japan
8th March 2021

Cool Aloe Vera works well in summers 

Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf, and cut the thinner end and discard. Wash with clean running water and refrigerate for some time (do not freeze!). After the leaf gets cool, squeeze and apply. You will go ‘Ah!’ And love the experience. 

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Hada Secrets Japan
7th March 2021

Skin Brightening is not difficult, but needs patience 

DIY Tip - Exfoliate twice a week (remember to gently exfoliate without using any chemical products). We recommend two ways: (a) Take half a tomato and rub brown sugar on the cut part. Massage this on your face and body. Repeat with new slice of tomato. (b) Take some coarse oats powder, lemon juice and brown sugar and convert into a paste by mixing. Apply this paste on the skin and rub gently in circular motion. This one is ideal for face and neck skin! 

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Hada Secrets Japan
6th March 2021

Let your Hair Dry Naturally

Letting your hair dry naturally, is the most recommended by our in-house experts. Excessive rubbing with a towel causes broken hair. The use of hot air blow-dryers causes the hair to burn-out on the outer layers. The shine and sheen with hot air drying are temporary and the ensuing damage caused is irreversible. Normal or cool air blow drying is thus a much better alternative to other hair drying techniques. 

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