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Hand Care And The One Product That Does Is All

Hand Care And The One Product That Does Is All

Do your hands look dry and aged?

Whether it's a result of the cold and windy weather or due to frequent hand washing, your hands experience a lot of grinds every day. Most hand wash liquids, soap bars, cleansers, and sanitizers deprive the skin of necessary oils. So does cold weather, which additionally makes the skin very dry and fragile. 

We, at Hada Secrets Japan, have been focused on discovering the best skin solutions. We know all of us to desire beautiful, elegant hands with soft supple skin that shines and looks young. Effectively moisturizing your hands with a good quality cream is essential for achieving soft and smooth skin. 

Patrons world over swear by our Ago Bay Pearls Hand Crème. This pathbreaking product has some outstanding ingredients mixed the 'Japanese way'. Ultra-moisturizing 'unrefined African Shea Butter' not only takes all the dryness away in a snap, but it also acts like an 'anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory agent. Plus, we have added 8 moisturizing oils (Yes, EIGHT!) that are sure to bring softness to any tough state your skin might be in. 

The product is also laden with Sodium Hyaluronate. This magical ingredient helps the skin retain extra moisture, deep inside, for long hours. Unprocessed raw honey and Aloe Vera add to the smoothness and shine' on the skin. 

The cream can also be helpful in removing tanning from your recent outdoor trip! 

Massaging your hands with adequate amounts twice or thrice a day would show unbelievable results in less than a week. That's our promise. 

'Happy Hands' to you!